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Fan Poetry

The thing that distinguishes Elves is their poetic appreciation of the world - a gift they have passed on to many readers of Tolkien's works. This is the page for people who like to read and write poetry.

If you have been moved to write poetry on themes relating to 'The Lord of the Rings,' submit it

The Hobbit PoemBrand New! by Anay Kamtikar
The Quest to UnMakeBrand New! by Narya
Past TalesBrand New! by Narya
ONE RINGBrand New! by Matthew Bostrom
FingolfinBrand New! by Dan Herrera
Arwen's SongBrand New! by Tasare
Bilbo's DecisionBrand New! by Arador
The Affair with ShelobBrand New! by Young Dee
A JoyBrand New! by Young Dee
Keln of the Noldor in Anfauglith by Brian M. McVickar
The Fate of One by Jason Lopez
The White Rider by Steve D'Alimonte
The Return of the King (haiku) by Steve D'Alimonte
Elbereth's Light by Cholanmely
The Muckleman by Shane O'Connor
Song of the River, Nimrodel by Arwen740
Lament of an Elf Left Behind by Judith Micklethwaite
Felagund by Steven M. Nelson
Two Loves One Marriage by Dan Harrera
Tolkien Limerick by Lyestorm and Samwise the Smart
Home by Fredegar
The Battle of Fangorn Forest by Fredegar
The End of the Second Age by Andrew Durdin
Leaf of the Shire by Old Took
Moria by Old Took
Hobnoblin and Gobtripe by Old Took
Fellwalking in the Shire by Old Took
Where Theoden Sleeps by Halbarad
Wraith by Goodyear
Shield Maiden by Goodyear
Untitled by Kristin Lindstrom
Elven Poems by The Elven Scholar
A Curious Thing Happened In the Shire One Day by Old Took
Fourteen-Twenty by Old Took
Frodo's Dream by Old Took
Nazgul by Kortar
Ode to Melian by Old Took
Of Gandalf by Andreth
Taniquetil by Andreth
Two Limericks by Old Took
The Lament of the Dragon's Mate by William Staples
Beren’s Sonnet to Luthien by Pippin Skywalker
Child of Dale by Michele Durrett
Mithrandír by David Barbara
The Lament of Arwen Undomiel by Stephen McGuigan
The Lay of Khazad-dum by Nicole Tan
The Last Homely House by Asim Javed
The Hobbit by Losloth
Pippin's Plight by De Bene Esse
Bard and The Dragon (Blackarrow) by M. Vonlindern
A Drinking Song From A Wizard by M. Vonlindern
Al Final del Camino (In spanish) by Juan Pablo Pasini
Butterbur by Von
The Path I Walk by Nummiranta
I Laugh At Myself by Steve Dufour
Of Sauron and the Ring by Dave Bergfelder
The Fall of Feanor by Lanny Andelin
Mr. Underhill by Lanny Andelin
Darkness Rides the Shire at Night by Christer Hennoe
A Ship Across the Ban by M. Vonlindern
The Mount on Yonder Shore by Jonathan Taylor
The Grey Havens by Alisha Heavilon
Lothlórien by Alisha Heavilon
My Precious by Jessica Holland "aka Juel"
The Ride of the Grey Company by Michael Martinez
The Ballad of Legolas by Nick Malinowski
Bilbo's Story by Kristin Lindstrom
Galadriel by Thomas A. Osika
Their Lives Are the Tragedie by Pippin Skywalker
Passing Remembrance by David Barbara
The Southron by Shayne Parkinson
The Time Has Come by Steve Dufour
Pippin in Mordor by Kimi
Lindele Luthienwa by Christopher Kou
Along Roads Unnamed by Mithrigil
A Hobbit Walking Song by Brandywine

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