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by Old Took

Down in the dark when the earth was young
and the deeds of the dwarves are in stories sung
The brave and the wise and the dwarves of worth
they dug deep down to the belly of the earth

The mines of Moria were carved by they
those ancient dwarves did foundations lay
of the finest, grandest halls of the world
where the smokes of torches and lanterns curled

Their pillars of stone that were hewn from rock
Reached out of sight and the floors did knock
with the sound of a hundred thousand dwarves
that were building columns and walls and floors

But then one day in the deepest mine
there came a growl and a terrified whine
A group of dwarves who were mining mithril
saw a terrible sight they remember still

a pair of evil blood red eyes
Were revealed by a blow as the rock face flies
and scattering screaming bodies all around
an awful evil was released and found

Those pitiful dwarves in their search for steel
had dug too deep and managed to reveal
the ancient prison of a Balrog's might
was broken wide and they ran in fright

It was too late for Moria's dwarves
their halls and handiwork and ornate doors
The Balrog's terror caused them all to flee
and leave their home where they longed to be

Down in the dark where the Balrog lies
he gathered in trolls and orcs and spies
The most magnificent Dwarven halls
Became the dungeon of evil thralls

Until one day came a party of nine
Who were led by a wizard whose staff did shine
and smote that terrible Balrog fiend
and broke the bridge where the pillars did lean

And so the Balrog fell to his doom
‘neath Khazad-dûm in the blackness and gloom
Gandalf the wizard who fought with him there
had returned victorious from his lair

–Old Took

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