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The Lay of Khazad-dum
by Nicole Tan

Beneath the mountains icy cold
In times when rivers run with gold
The Dwarves they mined with all their might
In the mines of Khazad-dum

In Khazad-dum, the endless caves
The Dwarves do mine and also slave
In caverns huge and hollows deep
They searched for mithril ore

The Dwarves of old they built great halls
With endless treasure piled up their walls
And on the throne of Khazad-dum
There sat Durin's line of Dwarven Kings

The Dwarven smiths they made great things
Like mithril mail and silver rings
For Elvish lord and Dwarven King
Many a thing was forged

Of things of beauty the songs do sing
Of Khazad-dum and the Dwarven Kings
The mines stood tall, in glory and fame
Under the horn of Mount Caradhras

But greed and desire did drive them on
To mine mithril till all is gone
And so they mined, and dug and dig
And delved into the endless deep

But the Dwarves of old, they delved too deep
And awakened a Balrog from its sleep
And evil doom fell on all the Dwarves
The Balrog’s flames did slay them all

But Durin the Sixth was proud and brave
He faced the Balrog in the caves
And there they fought, and blood was spilled
For Durin was slain by Durin's bane

The Dwarves cried out in pain and fear
As Durin's bane spread hurt and tears
The Dwarves they fled, out and away
And Khazad-dum was left in ruins

The ancient mine of Khazad-dum
Now lies as silent as a tomb
No one dares to venture there
For Durin's bane still lingers there

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