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Rosie's Story
by Steve Dufour

Here’s how to make a two hour movie from The Lord of the Rings.


The Cotton family is invited to the eleventy-first birthday of Bilbo Baggins, one of the wealthiest and most notable Hobbits in all of the Shire. At the party young Rosie Cotton dances the Springle-Ring with her friend Sam Gamgee. Bilbo’s party is also special because of the appearance of Gandalf, the famous wizard.

At the end of the party Bilbo disappears leaving his home, Bag End, a very comfortable Hobbit-hole, and most of his fortune to his nephew Frodo Baggins. Frodo hires Sam as his personal servant and gardener.

Hamfast Gamgee, Sam’s father, pays a call on the Cottons. The conversation turns to the subject of young Sam.

"‘Elves and dragons’, I says to him," says Mr. Gamgee, " ‘Cabbages and potatoes are better for the likes of you and me.’ "

Soon after this Sam tells Rosie that he is going on an adventure with Frodo and two of Frodo’s friends, Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took.

Over a year passes. Bad things happen in the Shire. A mysterious tyrant known as "Sharkey" gains power over the Hobbits. Some he tricks and some he intimidates. He even brings in Big People to act as thugs.

Rosie’s father Farmer Cotton is one of the few who tries to resist Sharkey but there is little he can do.

Frodo, Sam, Meriadoc, and Peregrine return. They lead an uprising of the Hobbits against Sharkey. Both Sam and Farmer Cotton are notable for their heroism in the fight. Sharkey is murdered by one of his own Big People.

The Big People are driven out and peace and happiness return to the Shire. Sam goes to work restoring the farms and gardens.

Soon after this Sam asks for Rosie’s hand in marriage. After the wedding Frodo invites them to live with him in Bag End.

A couple of years latter Bilbo returns to the Shire along with Gandalf and a family of Elves. Sam travels with them westward until they depart on an Elven ship to the Enchanted Realm in the Far West.

Sam returns to Rosie and their baby.

"Well, I’m back." He says.

–Steve Dufour

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