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Not as They Seem
by Berendir

In the novel, The Silmarillion, there is a tale of Numenor. The Numenoreans were the greatest race of men, and had life spans that far outmatched those of any other men. A strong relationship was forged between the men of Numenor, and the Valar. Though as great as the Numenoreans were, their strength and pride would be their downfall.

Around the pinnacle of their strength, Sauron was captured from Middle earth, and brought to Numenor as a prisoner. However, evil as Sauron was he did not show his form as a dreadful beast, nor an emperor of terror. Rather, Sauron appeared to the men of Numenor as a wise and benevolent advisor. Sauron himself was a Maiar, a servant of the Valar, and a emissary of Melkor's. Over many years, the King of Numenor looked upon Sauron as a friend, rather than an enemy. Sauron was constantly praising the king with words, and offering his help where he could. Soon Sauron rose through the ranks of the king’s most trustworthy advisors, and became himself a leader of Numenor.

The words of Sauron spread through the streets of Numenor. Telling them of their savior Melkor, and spreading lies of the Valar. It was believed before the coming of Sauron to Numenor, that death was a gift from the Valar. Now the men begrudged this gift, and the hatred of the Valar grew in their hearts. For once people began to speak out openly against the Valar. The life span of the Numenoreans now dwindled, for their fear of death put a shadow on their hearts, but this made him crave power yet even more. Few remained faithful to the Valar, these people were known as the faithful, and were forever hated by Sauron. When the last king of Numenor grew old, Sauron pressed him to wage war on the Valar. Numenor gained strength in war, and lessened its culture, and quality of life. A summons was called for all the men of Numenor to go to war against the Valar, but the faithful did not pay heed to this summons. Sauron stayed behind, to govern Numenor in the kings absence, but even Sauron could not foresee the fury of the Valar, and of Iluvatar.

The entire fleet of Numenor was utterly destroyed. Those ships that landed on the shores of Aman were crushed by the mountains, and those that were out to sea were swallowed up by it, and ruined. The Numenoreans were forbidden to step foot in Aman, as all men were. Through the lies of Sauron, the men or Numenor thought that if they possessed Valinor they would be immortal. It was the pride of the Numenoreans that was their downfall, to believe that they were so strong, that they could defeat the Valar. Sauron no doubt laughed on the throne of Numenor as the ships were crushed by the Iluvatar’s anger. However, the anger was so great, that Numenor was swallowed into the sea, and Sauron drowned. It was not till years later that he took shape again in Middle earth, and not in his fair form, rather a terrible form, and of lesser strength. Only nine ships escaped from Numenor, and those were of the faithful. Four for Elendil, three for Isildur, and two for Anarion.

Things are not always as they appear. Sauron appeared to be a wise noble man, whose goals were to help Numenor to become great. When in reality, Sauron only wanted to see Numenor in ruins. While it appeared that Sauron grew wise and friendly to people, it was only that he was hiding his ever growing malice.

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